I just started having solids...mommy gives it to me every day now.
I still make a mess but it's because I'm still learning how to do it!

Eating rice cereal with mom...

And with dad!

Check out this video of daddy feeding me!

My friend Joe came to visit me as we hadn't seen each other in a long time!

I love my exersaucer!

And mommy got me a play mat and new toys....I love them!

And I'm finally grabbing my feet!


This was my first Thanksgiving. We went to the Eelman's house, my godparents-to-be.

We had a great time and the dinner was amazing (that's what mommy and daddy said cuz I can't eat Turkey just yet!)!

That's me, ready to party!

That's me with Nicki, Kelsey and Sebastian

Happy Family!

Mommy, daddy and I went to the American Club of Singapore and had lunch with the Babb's. This is Madelyn. She's sooo cute!


That same day we went swimming in our building's pool! Look at my style!

I like to play with daddy's paper...even though I can't read just yet!

I can sit on my own in the bathtub now! I'm a BIG boy! Woohhooooo!

On Nov. 29th we went to Regina and Simon's wedding here in Singapore. They did a black and white party. It was a beautiful and sunny day and we had a lot of fun!

Here's daddy and I during the ceremony

Mommy and I...

The most beautiful family!


I turned 5 months in Brazil!

Mommy and I hung out in Rio for another week before we went
to the US to meet my dad and the rest of my family that lives there.

We met Eric and auntie Cathy at Ipa Bebê in Ipanema. We had lots of fun at the beach!

This is auntie Mariana and her son, João. They are our cousins!

Taking a nap while sucking my fingers!

Hanging out with grandma Celia just before we left Brazil

So after a really long trip we finally arrived in the US!
Daddy picked us up at the airport in Chicago.
My daddy's mom, sister, aunt and grandmas live in the Quad Cities.
We drove there from Chicago.

That's me and grandma Sharon

Daddy, grandma Sharon and I

That's me and my favorite teether, the foot!

Guess where I am?

Playing cool!

Auntie Stacy and I. She's daddy's sister.

Daddy's aunt Karen with me

Family moment

We went out to watch my cousin Brandon play soccer. His team won!

Here's me and mommy at the field.

Daddy's family: auntie Stacy, uncle Mike, grandma Sharon,
uncle Jack, aunt Cathy and aunt Karen

We also visited my greatgrandma Maggie

That's me and greatgrandpa Don

Sink bath! Wooohooo!

Who do I look like the most, mommy or daddy?

Hanging out with daddy at grandma Sharon's house

Having my first solid food, some pear. It was funny!
(but I really started eating after going back to Singapore)

Grandma Sharon giving me a bottle

We went back to Chicago and stayed with our friends, the Sutter's! It was a lot of fun! Here it's me and mommy hanging out with Matthew and Zach!

After a fun time in Illinois we all went to Arizona for the last part of our trip! We spent the first night with grandpa Tim and grandma Crystal in Scottsdale then we all went to Prescott, AZ where my dad grew up.

This is me and grandma Crystal

Hanging out with grandpa at the motorhome

In Prescott...

Playing with grandma Tim

Out to lunch with grandma Crystal

I went shopping with the ladies and sat by myself on the cart! I'm a big boy now!

Getting some love from grandpa Tim...

and from grandma Crystal...

and from mommy too, of course!

Auntie Jennifer and I in Prescott

We went out to dinner with auntie Jacque and uncle Matt, but I only got a picture with her!

Playing at the pool with mommy!
Hanging out with daddy while mom was packing!

Saying goodbye to grandpa Tim and grandma Crystal

Taking a nap on the way back to was a very long trip so I needed some rest!