And I had my first Christmas!

Life is good!

And I'm bigger and cuter than ever!

Daddy and I hanging out at home!

I still make a little mess when I eat!

December has started with a lot of fun celebrations!

My friend Joe turned 1 on Dec. 6th. He had a very fun pool party!

That's Joe and his dad, Simon at the pool

Joe borrowed my trainer floater

Daddy and I....I was trying to grab my feet, which was kinda hard to do while being held by dad!
Am I cool or what?

Happy Birthday Joe!

On Dec. 7th I was baptized!
Mommy and daddy decided to have me baptized here in Singapore.
It was performed at St. Bernadette's church. It was a very beautiful ceremony!
The church is being totally renovated and this was the last baptism at the old church.

That's us entering the church

Inside the church, with my godparents Mercy and Gary Eelman


When the holy water was poured over my head...I didn't cry!

Everybody say "cheez"!

Mommy, me, Father Tow and daddy

Dinda Mercy, mommy, me, Father Tow, daddy and Dindo Gary

The two Ashers!

After the ceremony there was a party at my building to celebrate the occasion!

This is auntie Angel with Juno and I having a good time!

Me and my gifts!

And my cupcakes!

Dindo (which means godfather in portuguese) and I

Our stockings....since we don't have a fireplace my mommy improvised at the door!

We went to Bintan for a few days before Christmas....that'sme and dad hanging out at the pool

Fun fun fun!
We spent Christmas eve at dindo and dinda's (my godparents) house.

That's me with daddy and mommy by their beautiful tree!

"Dinda" Mercy and "Dindo" Gary with me!

Mommy took this video of me....I found a new teether!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Santa was very very generous to me this year...

My onesie says: Who needs Santa when I have Grandma! Right????

Me playing with my gifts by the tree

I love gifts but what I love the most is the wrapping!