JULY 2008

I'm two months old now!

I went to the doctor on July 1st and I'm 56 cm and 5.4 kg (22 inches and 11.9 lbs)!

And on July 28th, my mommy weighed me and I am already 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs)!

I'm getting big!

This is a month full of adventures!

I was on the news in Brazil, when the Brazilian team came to Singapore to play the local national team on their way to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing!

My mom's friend, auntie Sigrid, came all the way from Germany
to meet me here in Singapore on her way to Australia. She's sooo nice!

Here is when we went to Newton Circus for dinner
Me and auntie Sigrid hanging out at home
That's us at the Botanical Gardens!
That's me taking a nap at the Botanical Gardens...zzzzzz

I went for my first swim at the pool with my daddy!
It was really cold...I didn't like it too much but I didn't cry!
Check out the video of me in the pool!

We are such a beautiful family!
My mom, me and auntie Siggie hanging out at the poolside
All wrapped up on mommy's arms!

I went to my first wedding!
On July 4th my mom took me to auntie Mayra and uncle Renato's wedding at the Singapore Botanical Garden. It was very beautiful!

This is during the ceremony...he was looking very sharp and she was stunning!
The bride, me and my mom

My mom and dad always take me out...

So check out my ride...it's sooo awesome...I've got toys, fan!
All that a cool boy like me needs to cruise around town!

But we also like to hang out at home...

That's me and my dad hanging out and watching tv!
This is my mom squeezing me...she loves to do that! And I love it too!

This is me fussing a little bit...I'm a baby, that's what I do!

I'm no longer annoyed during tummy time...and I'm finally holding my head up!

Ooooops....I turned over! Mommy help me!

Now you can check me out in action!

My friend JJ was baptized here in Singapore and I was invited to the party. It was a lot of fun because I could hang out with my friends.

Auntie Angel and Juno, Auntie Chrissy and JJ and mommy and I at JJ's baptism party.

I went on my first trip with Mommy and Daddy.
We went to Macau and Hong Kong!
This is me and my mom at the airport in Singapore waiting to board the plane...

Daddy and I in the plane

Mommy and I in Macau at St. Paul's Church Ruins

Taking a nap after a long day of sightseeing...

Strike a pose!