I'm 4 months!

I started the month with 7 kg and 62 cm (15.4 lbs and 24.4 in). Getting bigger and bigger!

Mommy and I travelled to Brazil. It was a really long trip!

That´s me, mommy and the pilots from the first flight from Singapore to Tokyo in the cockpit

That´s me in the plane from Tokyo to DC, just hanging out with Maari

And here in the plane from DC to Rio, with Morty

We stayed one day in Rio so I could meet my grandma Celia. I also met many other family members from my mommy´s side.

This is me and my grandma Celia at the airport after we arrived....

I had to take a nap after such a long trip!

My new thing...sucking my fingers non-stop...yummy!

We made a quick stop at Tia Regina´s house. She is my mommy´s aunt.

Then mommy and I travelled to Florianópolis, in the south of Brazil, to visit her brother, uncle Pedro and my cousins JP and Marcelo, and tia Renata, mommy´s friend. She is pregnant with Valentina, who will be born in January.

Me and uncle Pedro at his place

I can smile to the camera now!

All dressed up and warm because it´s cold in here!

Taking a nap...too much shopping is very tiring!

Mommy and I

Me and tia Renata

I´m a flirt!

Tia Renata, me and my mom enjoying an afternoon with lots of cake!


My cousins JP and Marcelo. They are really cool! I´m the youngest of the pack!

Me, tio Pedro and mommy at the airport. Florianópolis was fun but we had to visit the rest of the family and our friends too!

Back in Rio, we stayed for a week at "tia" Angela and "tio" Claudio´s home. They have 3 children, Kamila, Karina and my good friend Rafael. They are soooo nice!

That´s me and tia Angela

Carolina, Karina and Kamila playing with me....having fun with the ladies!!

Playing with Rafael´s toys...he´s got some cool stuff!

Tia Angela, Rafael and I....we had so much fun!
In Rio we met a lot of my mommy´s friends and family!

And my friends too!

I went to visit my friend Eric at his house. He had another friend over called Bento. Here´s me, Eric and Bento having a good time!

Hey guys, look at the´s trying to take our picture!

We had lunch one afternoon with tia Sabina. She is mom´s friend. She´s so nice...she made me smile!

This is me with my mom´s cousins Rubinho and Bruno and her aunt Norma. We had dinner at their place! It was yummy!

This is tia Karla. I really didn´t feel like taking pictures that day!

We went to aunt Regina´s place. Everyone took pictures with me!

This is her with me

This is uncle Luis. He made me laugh!
"Tia" Andrea enjoyed cuddling me...and so did I!

That´s me, mommy and Pedro, her cousin

Then we went to Resende, the city where my mom grew up and where my grandma Celia lives.

This is me and tia Letícia. She and my mom have been friends since primary school!

Mommy and I at grandma´s

Mommy squeezing grandma´s new place. She´s moving there next month

Mommy, grandma Celia and I at her new place.

Taking a much deserved nap

Another day...another nap...on grandma´s favorite place in her house!

See how I enjoy hanging out on grandma´s bed!

Now napping on grandma´s arms
It was my grandma´s birthday. We went out to celebrate. That´s us in Penedo.

Tia Letícia lives in a very nice place. We went to visit her and her family. This is me with her mom, "grandma" Tetê and tia Letícia

Tia Mariana is another of mom's friends. She is really cool! We had fun!

Funny face!

Letícia (mommy's cousin), me and mommy

Grandma's birthday party...and I celebrated 5 months! It was fun!

Me, mommy, Letícia and Marcio, mommy's uncle