Me in January!

I'm getting big!

Reading the menu....
Playing with my new motorcycle

Standing in my crib

January 2009 - Daddy and me

January 2009 - Videos


Crawling a little...resting a little

Eating Cheerios! By myself!

Climbing on my music table

Standing up in my crib...and more!

Tapping with daddy

January 2009 - Chinatown with mommy and daddy

It's the Year of the Golden Chinatown was all decorated for the Chinese New Year celebrations!

January 2009 - First trip to the Zoo!

January 2009 - Volvo Ocean Race Singapore

The famous Volvo Ocean Race came to Singapore
and we went to check it out!

The Telefonica boat leaving for the In-Port Race

That's me and mommy and daddy

Grind daddy grind!

January 2009 - Having fun with friends!

This month I had tons of fun with my friends!

First mommy and aunt Chrissy took me and my friend JJ out to lunch...
we had a blast!

Then we went to auntie Angel's and Juno's house for a playgroup!

Max and Xander were also there! It was a lot of fun!

Juno can already walk. Xander and I can sit and crawl...and Max is still on his tummy (but he's the youngest of all of us!)


HAPPY 2009!!!!

I'm 8 months old now!

Since this is a new year I'm going to do the blog a different way (the right way as my dad would say) and will start posting from bottom to top. Also I'm going to put the videos together on a separate area. Hope you all enjoy it!