I turned 3 months in Hong Kong!

This is the view from the Peak in Hong Kong!

Me and mommy

Mommy, daddy and I

This is me taking a nap on daddy, waiting for the ferry...

Back in Singapore...

I went on my first date with Savannah. She's a cutie!

Instructions not included! Figure it out!

Since I can't find "Made in Ireland", I'll pretend I was made in Singapore!


Why is my toy staring at me?

I've got my own chair I can watch tv sitting beside my daddy!

My first public speech

My new favorite thing, eating my hands and sucking my thumb!

Funny Faces!

What are these funny things doing on my wrists? Ohhhhh...they are my elephant and monkey rattles!

Drooling, drooling...

Ready to party!

Mommy, daddy and I went to the Singapore Flyer

Inside the capsule

Mommy and I with the beautiful view of Singapore