This month's photos - March 2009

Not much to report now in March!
I'm still getting messy when I eat...which is lots of fun!

And I'm perfecting my skills on how to stand holding on things and cruising around!

Sophie-Rose's Birthday Party - March 2009

My friend Sophie-Rose turned 2 and she had a very fun party at PlayDays. I loved it! I was able to crawl around everywhere!

Funny hair and faces - March 2009

I was getting ready to go to bed after my bath and look at what my crazy mom did to me!

Tia Renata came to visit - March 2009

It's March and I'm 10 months now!

We had a very fun start of the month!
My mom's friend, tia Renata, came to visit us here in Singapore. She stayed with us for a week. We did a lot of fun things together!

We walked around town...
We went to the pool one morning....
We went to The Outback Steakhouse for lunch!

And we goofed around at home too...

Tia Renata let me play with her sunglasses....don't I look cool?