May 2009 - I'm 1 year-old!

Time went by fast....I just turned 1!

And since I'm a big boy now, we decided to do this blog a little bit different. We'll just write what happened this month and put the videos (if we have any!), but the pictures are going to be put on Picasa. Mommy will put the link here, so you can still keep up with what's going on with me!

I had a wonderful first birthday party! So many of my friends showed up and it was a lot of fun. Check out the pictures at

Unfortunately after the party I was diagnosed with "hand, foot and mouth" (it's not the mad cow disease), which is a viral infection that causes fever and blisters on the hand, foot and mouth. I was sick for quite a while but now I feel 100%.

I took my first steps last month but now I'm walking around everywhere. Mommy, daddy and Rowena (my nanny) have a real hard time keeping up with me. I also love to grab all that I'm not supposed to and put it in my mouth! I also learned how to open the kitchen door (sliding) and try to make a mess there too.

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