August 2009 - Trip to Holland

The month barely started and mommy decided to take me to Holland to meet her friends and their babies. It was really nice to go there and I had a great time!

I had already met auntie Renata Pio here in February. She came to Singapore for a week and stayed with us. This time we stayed a few days with her in Rotterdam. She now has a little princess called Livia. She's beautiful! But I wasn't very pleased when mommy was playing with her instead of me.

Then we spent some time at auntie Sabrina and uncle Nick's house in Utrecht. That was fun too! Tia Sabrina came to Singapore when I was still at mommy's belly so it was her first time meeting me! We played a lot together. She threw a baby shower for mommy (not sure why!) but all I did was play with uncle Nick and João Paulo. He is the son of auntie Renatinha. He's just a bit older than me but we had a blast together!!!
We also visited Scheveningen beach in two occasions. One with auntie Sabrina and one with auntie Sigrid and her parents. They came all the way from Germany to see me (and mommy). Auntie Sigrid also came to Singapore to meet me last year when I was only 3 months old. It was really hot in Holland the day they came from Germany so we went to Scheveningen and I went into the water at the beach for the first time in my life. That was a lot of fun!!!

My mom's brother, uncle Pedro, also came to Holland so we met him for a day in Amsterdam. It was good to see him after such a long time. I guess we'll only see him next year when we go to Brazil. We had a lot of fun playing in the park in front of the Rijksmuseum and walking around town.

We also met auntie Silvana and Taís, her little 5 month-old princess. She's very beautiful!

On the day we left we met auntie Nathalie, uncle Bram and Xander. They used to live in Singapore but went back to Holland. It was great to see them and Xander and I played quite a lot. Too bad it was so quick as we had to leave to come back home.

I had a wonderful time in Holland and hope to come back again soon! If you want to check out the pictures on our Picasa,

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